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Oilatum Comfort Skin Tips

The Oilatum Daily Junior range has been specially designed for babies and young children. The range, which includes a moisturising lotion and gentle cleansing products, is intended for routine, daily use to help protect against dry skin. So you can soothe your baby or child's skin today, and help reduce the occurrence of dry skin in the future. 

Tips for your little one’s dry skin comfort

The makers of Oilatum Daily asked mums to pick their favourite easy to follow Oilatum Comfort Skin Tips, which in turn received the trustworthy stamp of approval from the British Skin Foundation.

Each tip is designed to support parents manage their child’s dry skin. You can try one tip a day for 10 days, or use them individually – whatever works best for you and your family.

A dermatologist at the British Skin Foundation states,

“As experts in all things skin, we are happy to support the Oilatum Comfort Skin Tips that help parents manage their little one’s dry skin, following these simple 10 tips whenever you can – can have a real impact on dry skin.” 

Here are 10 top tips to help you manage dry skin and make bath time fun! 

TIP #1

Not too hot!

When it comes to bath time, try to make sure the bath water is just warm, not too hot. Hot water can aggravate your child’s delicate skin.

TIP #2

Not too long!

Try to keep your little one’s bath time to 5-10 minutes as too much time spent playing in the bath can cause excess drying out of the skin!

TIP #3

Take care with bubbles!

Avoid soap, try to use bubble bath that is designed especially for your baby’s dry skin – some detergents can irritate the skin.

TIP #4

Pat don’t rub!

Wrap your child in a soft, fluffy towel - be careful to pat the skin dry rather than rubbing as this can affect dry, delicate skin.

TIP #5

Lock in moisture

Moisturising cream can be especially effective when your child’s skin is damp, so apply it as soon as you’ve patted them dry to lock all that moisture in.

TIP #6

Make it fun!

Make moisturising fun with a game. Little ones can keep their arms out straight and stand still like a scarecrow while you apply moisturising cream - no matter how much it tickles!

TIP #7

Don’t miss a bit!

As you apply the moisturiser, remember that your little one’s hair might be hiding dry skin, so check for any dry patches that might have been overlooked.

TIP #8

Cool kids

Try and keep the temperature of your little one’s bedroom cool – if it’s too warm, this could affect their delicate, dry skin.

TIP #9


Wash clothes and bedding with non-biological products that are kind to dry, sensitive skin and rinse clothes twice to be extra sure that all traces of soap residue have disappeared.

TIP #10

Dress to impress

Where you can, dress your child in loose fitting clothing made of natural fabrics such as cotton - try and only use cotton bed sheets, as these are cooling and comfortable for dry skin.

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What makes my child's skin dry?

Many things can contribute to your child's dry skin. Cold weather can be drying, but so can hot, dry air, so the weather can be a problem all year round. Bathing can be drying to the skin if the wrong products are used-it's important to avoid soap-containing products or harsh cleansers. But daily bathing shouldn't be a problem if you use gentle products and apply moisturiser afterwards.

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