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Baby Dry Skin Symptoms: Caring For Baby’s Dry Skin

With three in five children suffering from dry skin it’s a very common condition that can occur at any age. There is no reason to worry if you see dry skin symptoms: it isn’t a big issue for most babies as long as their skin is comfortable.

Skin is slightly rough

If your baby has dry skin, it could feel slightly rough and faint scaling could appear. Skin could also have a dull, and in some cases, whitish appearance. Apply a moisturising lotion daily to help replenish moisture and provide long-term protection for your baby’s skin barrier.

Keep them comfortable at bath time

Put their towel on the radiator before they get in the bath so that it’s warm when it’s time to get out. Use a soap free cleanser and keep bath time to no longer than 10-20 minutes. Avoid using flannels at bath time or rubbing their delicate skin as this can irritate it and cause further dryness. After their bath, gently pat skin dry with a soft, warm towel.

Skin may peel

While peeling skin can be a sign of dryness, some newborn skin peels naturally, especially if they’re born a little late. In time, this skin will come off to reveal healthy, soft skin underneath, so it’s best left to renew by itself. Moisturise your baby’s face, arms, legs, hands and feet with a gentle moisturising lotion after bath time and before getting dressed in the morning to help nourish and soften skin.

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